Wireless door chime


Kinetic energy-generating wireless doorbell 

Using the principle of electromagnetic induction power generation


● Wireless doorbell that works without batteries
● It uses the principle of electromagnetic induction power generation to convert the mechanical energy when pressing the doorbell into electrical energy, which is used to transmit wireless signals to control the sound of the receiver. It has strong penetrating ability and does not require batteries.
● The receiver is plugged into the power socket (AC110~220V / 50~60Hz)
● Due to the generator mechanism in the transmitter, the pressure that must be applied when pressing the button is greater than the pressure required for the button of a battery-operated transmitter.
● Advantages of the battery-free wireless doorbell: no batteries are used, this product is more environmentally friendly, small power consumption, only the power consumption of the power receiver
● Distance: about 80 meters (straight line, no obstacles)
● 58 music ringtones to choose from
● Receiver 3-stage volume adjustment function
● Flashing LED light call indication on the receiver: Press the transmitter button, the receiver will ring according to the programmed music, and its LED will flash as long as the receiver rings.
● Water-repellent designed transmitter (with internal water-repellent protection)
● Digital encoding to avoid interference problems
● Transmission frequency: 433.92 MHz
● DIY design, easy to install, no wiring required


● Transmitter: 4.5 x 8cm
● Receiver: 5.5 x 10cm


Pairing the transmitter and receiver of different doorbell kits (this model) Here's how:
● One transmitter can make multiple receivers sound, and different receivers can have different ringtones
● Multiple transmitters can ring tones from the same receiver, which can be programmed to sound different depending on the transmitter it is paired with.
● Multiple transmitters ring multiple receivers, distinguishing ring sounds based on the transmitter they are paired with